December 2021 School Holiday ProgramLego Robotics

Art SessionSumo Robotics Challenge: Beginner – Tuesday 14/12/2021

Artventurous will be

“ZEST Robotics is presenting a robotics workshop to teach students the essentials of building, programming, and competing with a LEGO SPIKE Prime robot. Throughout the workshop, participants will develop outside-the-box thinking when it comes to creating their own personalized sumo competition robot. 

What to expect:

1. Workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of LEGO SPIKE Prime coding and create unique codes to solve complex problems.

2. Participants will have the opportunity to use LEGO Technic to enhance robots. This includes details as to how to optimize motors, sensors, and attachments to make their robot perform specific tasks.

Laptops and robots will be provided.

Where: Space YMCA North Lakes

Inclusions: Lunch is provided

Date: Tuesday 14 December 2021

Time: 10am – 3pm

Cost: $275